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    • Get-together program held followed by Dinner hosted by Shri R.L. Choudhary, Steel Market Info for grant success of "7th Indian Stainless Steel House Show 2017" at Leisure Inn Shrey Hotel, Jodhpur on 12th August 2017 at 7.30 PM
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  • General Body Meeting with Commissionerate of Income Tax, Jodhpur
    • A interactive Seminar with the members of The Rajasthan Stainless Steel Re-Rollers Association and Income Tax Department, Jodhpur alongwith his officers held on dated 24th July, 2017 at 03.30 PM at Steel Bhawan to celebrate the 'Income Tax Day'
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The Rajasthan Stainless Steel Re Rollers Association was founded in the year 1982 by late Shri Laxmi Chand Ji Surana and then founder president Shri Pukhraj Ji Gupta. Our association has currently 128 members. Our association comprising the strength of stainless steel sector in Rajasthan has always been pioneer in handling the all the government and its department matters affected to our unit members. The association has represented its unit members in the matter related to central excise, sales tax, pollution board, electricity board and many miscellaneous matters. The association has conducted various seminars and workshops pertaining government policies, legal matters, quality improvement, better productivity, financial consultant, market scenarios, environmental concerns and awareness of our responsibilities towards society.

Our Association is registered from Government of Rajasthan, office of the registrar, non-trading companies Rajasthan, Jaipur vide No 364(Three Hundred Sixty Four) of 1982 dated 14-10-1982. Registration copy is enclosed.

Background of Industries & Its Products

Stainless steel is the most corrosion-resistant kind of steel. It normally contains at least 14 percent to 18 percent chromium, and it also contains nickel. A very popular stainless steel formulation is 18-8(18% chromium & 8% nickel) which come under grade 304. The Stainless steel industry in Rajasthan utilizes mostly 200 series of stainless steel. The introduction of 200 series stainless steel not only brought revolution in the industrial sector but also became a common household utility as for the fact being price effective and its extension of use.

The 200 series stainless steel came in to existence as a substitute to Nickel as in 200 series a very less percentage of Nickel is being used. A much of Nickel content is replaced by Manganese and Nitrogen in 200 series Stainless Steel. This substitution bought huge cost advantage and also with the fact that all the basic composition remaining the same except the costlier Nickel is replaced by cheaper Manganese and Nitrogen, 200 series has all the properties of 300 series Stainless Steel. Even the method of production of both is same and having similar metallurgical strength. Further the same equipments and even similar annealing temperature is used in the production process of both kinds of stainless steel.


The Stainless Steel Association in Rajasthan was formulated to meet out day to day hurdles of its industry and even the Association with its co-operation and its dynamics has always been pioneer in handling the hurdles of its unit members. The association has been key in handling matters related to government and its departments. The Association has represented its unit members in the various matters related to central excise, customs, sales tax, pollution board, electricity board, P.F., E.S.I., labor and many miscellaneous matters. The association is also active in creating awareness to its members via conducting various seminars and workshops pertaining to business meet like for e.g. of new grease and lubricant, energy saving system, CDMA cluster, market scenario, solution to pollution control, government policies, better productivity and environmental concerns. Lectures and open discussions are conducted by well known personalities of legal, financial, social and experts of management from time to time. Our association also understands its social responsibilities and has come forward to put its efforts during the natural calamities like earthquake at Kuchh in Gujarat or during floods at Barmer in Rajasthan. During the time of Mehrangarh fort tragedy at Jodhpur our association was first to help the victims. The association is always keen in social activities like distributing blanket and food to the poor and needy from time to time. Our Association is very keen keeping the environment clean by taking active participation in plantation of trees to make environment green.

Contact Person

Shri Bhanwar Lal Chopra (President)
Ph: 9829023427 Shri Chetan singh Parihar /> Ph: 9829021272

Contact Address

Steel Bhawan
Shastri Nagar, Jodhpur
Ph: 0291-2630731

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